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A solid foundation for a new career in photography. You will learn both technical and artistic elements of photography as well as applications in work and business.
3 modules
300 hours

Looking for a Real Estate Photography Course in Australia?

Interested in becoming a real estate photographer? Unsure of where to start? You're in luck! At Careers Collectiv we offer a range of courses to help you hone your skills and turn your passions into a career. Our real estate photography course is ideal for those looking to turn a hobby into a business or looking to take their photography skills elsewhere.

All you need is yourself, your camera and a dash of enthusiasm, so what are you waiting for? Read More

What Does a Course in Real Estate Photography Involve?

Real estate photography comprises taking photos of real estate to sell houses. Finding the right angle, light and composition all work hand in hand to result in a photo that sells the look and aesthetic of the house in an appealing manner to potential buyers. You may need to photograph both indoor and outdoor shots of the houses to allow the real estate agents to sell the properties more quickly.

Photographing real estate takes the same skill and technicality as other kinds of photography, so making sure your skills and techniques are up to par are essential when looking to get involved in the booming market that is real estate photography. Careers Collectiv's real estate photography course will arm you with the knowledge and techniques to shoot amazing photos that capture the essence and appeal of the homes you are photographing.

Turning A Hobby Into A Career

The great thing about photography is that you can take something you genuinely enjoy and turn it into a career. Careers Collectiv wants to help you achieve this goal through our online photography courses.

Our real estate photography course in Australia will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to break into the real estate photography market, while also boosting your confidence and offering you consistent support. Our courses are completely online so you can complete them from absolutely anywhere, at your own pace. Delivered by experts in the field, you will graduate from our course feeling confident enough to continue your hobby or turn your passion into a career. You will get constant tutor support so that you feel well looked after and have someone looking out for you when you have any questions or queries.

The Real Estate Photography Course You've Been Looking For

Now is as good a time as any to take the leap and learn more about your passion. Whether you are considering a career change or are a complete beginner looking to expand your skillset, our photography course benefits everyone. The real estate photography market is on the rise, so if you have been thinking about how can apply your skills and passion to a career, look no further. Careers Collectiv will teach you all you need to know concerning real estate photography while providing you with constant tutor support and boosting your confidence.

If you have any further questions concerning our short online courses, please feel free to get in touch! We would love to answer your questions and talk about our courses. Read Less

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