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A solid foundation for a new career in photography. You will learn both technical and artistic elements of photography as well as applications in work and business.
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Portrait Photography Online Course

Taking the perfect picture needs careful consideration, and a balance of skills, knowledge and techniques are needed to get it right. This is where a portrait photography online course could really help and make a difference, helping you develop the ‘eye’ for a perfect shot.

Careers Collective has a carefully chosen selection of practical online photography courses designed to offer flexible learning opportunities for everyone. Whether you want to upskill in a current career, learn a new skill, or change your life with a new business, there are many courses on offer here that are based on real life. We choose our tutors because they are academics that are successfully working in their industry, so their expertise is second-to-none. Read More

Through our simple tuition, straightforward fees, and flexible learning, you can develop your picture taking and editing skills with a portrait photography online course and create a new passion or even a new career.

What is a Portrait Photography Course About?

Portrait photography is more than just taking a picture of a person. You want to capture their inherent character within the image and tell a story using the subject and the background together.

Portrait photography is a form of art that can capture expressions and emotions, evoking feelings from the audience and capturing attention through the choice of subject and background. Emotive and raw, portraits can be one of the most challenging facets of photography to master, but it is an essential skill to have for many photography-related careers like a wedding photographer.

Whether you are looking to take intimate indoor portraits, or want outdoor portrait photography courses, you can learn all you need to know about digital photography, skills, technology, and techniques with . We will help you learn about the camera settings, angles, lighting, and compositions that work with different poses and backgrounds, as well as the distinct digital technologies that allow for improvements to be made through editing.

With our Professional Photography Certification, you will receive a portrait photography online course that is designed to take you from the beginning of learning about digital technologies, through to how images are stored, captured, and edited, and a comprehensive description of camera and lens technology.

Alongside the creation of the images, our portrait photography online course also looks at the treatment of images once they have been uploaded with an in-depth guide to all the features of Photoshop. Part of the process of creating amazing portrait photography is in editing – and with mastery of Photoshop, you will be able to digitally produce stunning and emotive images whether for weddings or a career in photojournalism.

Telling a story through a single shot is the aim of the portrait photographer, but it is the work that goes into creating that perfect picture that makes it so special – and so difficult to master.

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As our courses are designed to fit around your life, they are incredibly flexible. This means that you can decide to start a course whenever you like, and you are not bound by term dates or deadlines.

If you want to learn more with a portrait photography online course, then all you need to do is fill in your details for a call back from a member of the team, who can answer any questions that you might have and let you know all the specific details that you need, such as cost.

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