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A solid foundation for a new career in photography. You will learn both technical and artistic elements of photography as well as applications in work and business.
3 modules
300 hours

Food Photography – More Than Just Insta-Worthy Snaps

If you have ever seen a professionally produced food image, you will know that there is more to it than just taking a picture of what is on your plate ready to share on social media. A food photography course could help you develop the skills and the knowledge to craft a new career in marketing, or it could net you millions of followers on Instagram (if that’s what you are looking for) – and here at Careers Collectiv, you can use our Professional Photography Certification to learn skills, develop knowledge, and understand the technology behind creating those mouth-watering food photos.

Here at Careers Collectiv, you will find a carefully chosen range of 100% online short courses that are useful and interesting – ready for real-world application, whether it is just to pursue a hobby or support a career change. With diverse courses from bookkeeping to beauty to animal care, we have chosen courses that have tutors who are academics that are experts working in their industries. For our students, having 24/7 access to their tutors means that they do not feel like they are learning by themselves – even if they are studying at their own pace. We do not impose deadlines, and we don’t work to a schedule of assignments and lessons, which means that you can decide when (and where) you want to study.

As part of our Professional Photography Certification, you will find a food photography course that takes you from the basics of digital technology through to taking pictures, and then into editing and production of the finished image ready for print or online use. Read More

Other courses include: real estate photography course, photography composition course, introduction to photography online course – contact us now.

How Is Our Food Photography Course Different?

In essence, food photography is a still life image. It is a form of commercial photography that is used in marketing to make different types of food look delicious and appetizing, focusing on what makes the specific dish unique and exciting.

As a food photographer, you want to induce a physical response from the viewer – you want to get them excited about buying and eating what you are showing them!

As part of your Professional Photography Certification, you will begin by learning about the digital technologies that you will need to make the most of all types of photography, from action shots to travel landscapes, portraits to food. You will receive a professional camera and lens kit so you can get started straight away, and all you need to successfully complete the course is a computer.

Through your studies, you will learn about how images are created and stored using digital technology and learn about the different equipment and software you can use. You will be introduced to all the important facets of digital imagery, from colour and resolution to size. Through a step-by-step guide, you will learn about how cameras work, how to use both one-shot and three-shot camera techniques, and all the terminology used in digital photography.

After this, the second module focuses on what can be achieved using Photoshop. This is the industry standard for raster images but also for design in general – so the learning in this module will have many applications far beyond just photograph manipulation.

You can learn about using the Tool Palette, how to effectively use Layers and Filters, and Masking and Resizing – all to end up with an image that sells the unique nature of the dish you are photographing.

This food photography course could be the most important ingredient in your new career – develop with Careers Collectiv today! Read Less

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