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This course will build your knowledge from the ground up in counselling and psychology and teach you the key concepts you need to make a difference in this much needed field.
2 modules
200 hours

Professional Camera & Lens Kit 

12 month membership to the
International Association for Counselling

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Develop your knowledge and skills to become a professional counsellor with a comprehensive course that introduces you to psychology concepts and counselling techniques.
6 modules
600 hours

Our Range of Counselling Courses

If you’re interested in making a difference in people’s lives, chances are a career in psychology has crossed your mind. Among a myriad of counselling courses in Melbourne, Career Collectiv’s online counselling courses stand out as a comprehensive program administered with a personable and student-centric approach. 

Career Collectiv’s mental health counselling courses teach students all the pertinent theories that will allow them to better people’s lives. These courses will assist students in building robust knowledge in psychology and counselling, imbuing in them the needed confidence and preparedness to establish a career in the field.

Included in this area of study is Career Collectiv’s youth counselling course which educates students on the theories that guide skills and techniques to effectively counsel young people. Career Collectiv provides an in-depth understanding of possible mental health issues that beset the younger generation and how they can be addressed and resolved. 

Working only with licensed and practising professionals, Career Collectiv’s psychology program stands as one of the most reliable and trustworthy accredited counselling courses in Australia. Read More 

Why a Counselling Course Online Could Be A Great Fit For You

Have you been considering a career in counselling? Counselling consists of assisting people with their psychological and emotional needs to improve their general wellbeing. This could include a range of mental health issues to personal problems that clients would like to get help with.

Anyone can take an interest in counselling and get involved in changing their career path to one that is beneficial to others. Certain traits make some of us naturally better suited to being counsellors. If you are someone who is a great listener, loves and wants to help others, is a good observer, is reliable and believes in people, counselling could be the career for you. The world needs counsellors that genuinely care for and want to help others, so if you feel like you fit into this box, our online counselling courses could be the next step for you.

Finding The Right Mental Health Counselling Course For You

At Careers Collectiv, we offer two counselling courses online in Australia: the Foundation in Counselling Certificate and the Advanced Certificate in Counselling. The right one for you depends on your level of previous knowledge and what you wish to get out of the course.

The Foundation in Counselling course focuses on building your knowledge from scratch, looking at understanding the key concepts of both counselling and psychology. The Foundation course is a great place to start, offering you broad knowledge of the field and practices so that you feel well equipped to join the counselling workforce upon leaving us.

The Advanced course is perfect for those who already have a foundation of knowledge in counselling and psychology. It’s an intensive course that takes a deeper look into the techniques and skills needed to become a successful counsellor. It focuses on more advanced concepts to create an overall more holistic learning experience.

Both mental health counselling courses equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to be able to start your counselling career. Take a look at our specific courses to find out more in-depth information to help you make your decision.

Where Could You Work Completing a Counselling Course?

You might be wondering where exactly you could work with a counselling certificate. Our counselling courses in Australia set you up to be prepared and confident in entering the counselling workforce. But what exactly does that workforce consist of?

With a certificate in counselling, many doors will open for you. You could focus on children in education by becoming a school counsellor, vital in helping the development of young Australians and offering support when they might need it. Maybe you would like to become a drug and alcohol counsellor, helping others through addictions or even a family support officer. There is also the opportunity to work as a phone crisis support counsellor, helping people with urgent problems. Careers counsellors also do important work guiding people through their career options and helping them make the right decisions for their future.

There truly is a range of counselling jobs out there that need filling. All are important and offer support to people when they need it. You can make an impact in other people’s lives and signing up for one of our counselling courses online is the very first step.

Why Choose Careers Collectiv?

Careers Collectiv’s range of mental health counselling courses gives you the knowledge and techniques needed for your future. But why should you choose Careers Collectiv?

Our courses offer you the opportunity to learn and change your career path with no prior experience. Being a complete beginner is not an issue, we will build you up and provide you with everything you need to know. Our courses in counselling are also completely online, so you can work from wherever suits you, whenever suits you and completely at your own pace.

You will be taught by experts who are passionate about what they are teaching and dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills needed. After each lesson, you will be required to complete an assessment where you will receive feedback and comments from your tutors. Keeping you in contact with your tutors means you are always supported, and you can see your own improvement as time goes on.

Help Make A Difference & Enrol to a Counselling Course Online Today

Finding mental health counselling courses online that suit you and equip you for the counselling workforce should not be hard. With Careers Collectiv, you will learn all you need to know to be an amazing counsellor, in whichever domain you choose to dedicate your skills to.

Regardless of whether you have prior experience or are a complete beginner, we have a course to suit you. With a wide range of career options to choose from after leaving us, there is a wealth of opportunities waiting for you. Positively impact people’s lives by choosing to gain a counselling certificate so you can help people with their problems and emotional needs.

If you want to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us. Give us a call or send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make a difference today and take that first step into changing your career into one you are passionate about by helping others. Read Less

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