Advanced Equine Studies

5 modules

500 hours

Have you always loved horses and wanted to have a career working with them? Do you like caring for animals and ensuring their health and wellbeing is of a high standard? The equine industry is perfect for individuals passionate about the welfare of horses.

This comprehensive course will cover all you need to know about looking after horses and managing a successful equine facility or enterprise.

Course overview

Payment options

This course can be paid off through an interest free payment plan for $25 per week. It also qualifies for a discount for upfront payments.

Course duration

This course is made up of 5 in-depth modules. The amount of study time required to complete this course is approximately 500 hours of study, approximately 30 weeks. There is an option to reduce modules from this program to suit your needs.

Tutor support

You are studying online – but you are not studying alone. Our tutor support service comes with all of our courses and is available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week.


A Certificate of attainment will be issued upon completion of your course.

24/7 Access

Online 24/7 access to your course allowing you to fit your study in with your schedule.


This certificate is accredited through the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC). A non-profit, global organisation to help you gain employment.

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Course details

This course is ideal for:

  • Animal lovers
  • Beginners with no study experience
  • Students looking to work in the equine industry
  • People looking to start an equine business or enterprise

100% Online

This certificate has been created by industry experts to equip you with all the skills required to work in a professional vet clinic. It is delivered online to suit your lifestyle and allow you to study at your own pace.

No matter what your level of experience this course will have you skilled and confident to care for horses or gain employment in the many different roles available in the equine industry.

Career prospects

Where could you work?

  • Horse Breeder
  • Horse Owner
  • Horse Trainer
  • Agistment Manager
  • Stable Manager
  • Horse Groomer
  • Equine Vet Assistant
  • Boarding Stable Owner
  • Broodmare Manager
  • Equine Pedigree Analyst
  • Horse Farm Manager
  • Hot Walker
  • Exercise Rider
  • Jockey
  • Racehorse Trainer
  • Racetrack Outrider
  • Riding Instructor
  • Racetrack Starter
  • Racing Steward

Course modules

This course is comprised of 5 modules:

  • Horse Care I
  • Horse Care II
  • Horse Care III
  • Equine Behaviour
  • Breeding Horses


Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted and marked by the school’s tutors before it is returned to you with any comments, feedback and if necessary, extra reading.

Topics that will be covered in the Horse Care I module include:

  • Horse psychology and handling
  • Buying a horse
  • Conformation
  • The digestive system and principles of feeding and watering
  • Grass kept horse and pasture management
  • Grooming
  • Industry Applications

Topics that will be covered in the Horse Care II module include:

  • Feeds
  • Stabling
  • Bedding and Mucking Out
  • The Foot and Shoeing
  • Exercise and Conditioning
  • Tack and Tack Fitting
  • Horse Facility Design

Topics that will be covered in the Horse Care III module include:

  • Blankets, Bandages and Boots
  • Maintaining the health of horses
  • Clipping, Trimming and Plaiting
  • Travelling and care of the horse away from home
  • Organising and managing a horse event
  • Managing a horse enterprise

Topics that will be covered in the Equine Behaviour module include:

  • Influences and Motivation
  • Genetics and Behaviour
  • Perception and Behaviour
  • Communication and Social Behaviour
  • Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour
  • Learning and Training
  • Behavioural Problems

Topics that will be covered in the Breeding Horses module include::

  • Why breed horses?
  • Mare Anatomy
  • Stallion Anatomy
  • Managing the arrival and departure of the horse at the stud
  • Pre-natal Growth
  • Care of the pregnant mare
  • General Newborn Care
  • Introduction to Fertility
Brown horses eating grass | Careers Collectiv
Horses eating grass | Careers Collectiv

“[The course] was more in-depth than I thought it would be and it was information that I could apply with my own horses. The feedback was very helpful and it was information that could only have been gained from experience with horses. She [tutor] would always answer any questions that I have and always had something positive and helpful to say!”


“Studying with Simply Learning was a wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot and will take a new course soon.”

M Khaovong

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found Simply Learning to be wonderful in all aspects.”

D Kenyon

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